Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Words for Physicians from the Evergetinos

St. Diadochos:

"There is nothing to prevent us from calling doctors when we fall ill.  Since the science of medicine was destined to be discovered at some time through human experimentation, natural remedies were already in existence for this purpose.  However, we should not place our hope of healing in doctors but in our true Savior and Physician, Jesus Christ" (115).

St. Barsanouphios:

"If you insist on thinking that this remedy is beneficial for the sick person and it turns out that he is harmed by it, God, Who regards the heart, will not condemn you; for He knows that, although you harmed this person, you wanted to help him.  But if someone who is experienced tells you what to do, and you disdain to listen to him and do what you think best, this is arrogance and self-will" (116).

St. Ephraim:

"My beloved, if you have expertise in the science of medicine and are able to cure people, be vigilant, lest in your desire to heal others you show yourself to be full of passions.  As the Apostle says: 'Let not your good be evil spoken of' (Romans 14:16)" (117).

The Evergetinos: A Complete Text.  Volume 3.  Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies, 2008.