Monday, December 13, 2010

Self-Love and Secular Psychology

A story entitled, "It's All About Me: But is Narcissism A Disorder?" has been posted on  The discussion about narcissism as a disorder within the realm of Secular Psychology reveals the severe limitation of Psychology as a discipline.  Psychology is based on observation of fallen human beings in a corrupted world. There is no knowledge of what an unfallen, perfect person looks like.  A "normal" person from a psychological perspective is still extremely spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally ill from a theological perspective.  Orthodox theology possesses a vision of who we are intented to be and who we may become, and provides the therapy necessary to acheive good health deep within the soul.  Self-love is at the root of our sickness.  It is indeed a curable disease.

For more on the myth of Narcissus, check out the Wikipedia entry.