Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christian Bioethics Journal

Christian Bioethics, published by Oxford University Press, includes articles on bioethics from an Orthodox Christian perspective by Orthodox Christian authors.

"Christian bioethics is a non-ecumenical, interdenominational journal, exploring the content-full commitments of the Christian faiths with regard to the meaning of human life, sexuality, suffering, illness, and death within the context of medicine and health care. Christian bioethics seeks not to gloss over the differences among the Christian faiths, but rather to underscore the content-full moral commitments that separate and give moral substance. It is interdenominational in involving editors and inviting contributions from different Christian perspectives."

Christianity and The Culture Wars
Volume 15, Number 3, December 2009


"The Infinite without God: Modernity, Christianity, and Bioethics, Or Why Christianity must be Counter-Cultural in the Contemporary World Christian Bioethics" by Aaron E. Hinkley 

"The Failed Search for the Neutral in the Secular: Public Bioethics in the Face of the Culture Wars" by Ana S. Iltis

"Moral Pluralism, the Crisis of Secular Bioethics, and the Divisive Character of Christian Bioethics: Taking the Culture Wars Seriously" by  H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.

"Biopsychosociospiritual Medicine and Other Political Schemes" by Jeffrey P. Bishop

"Religion without God, Social Justice without Christian Charity, and Other Dimensions of the Culture Wars" by Mark J. Cherry

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